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Voltra for Mobile

A minimalist music player with cloud sync, offline playback, lossless file type support & more!

—  Features  —


Album, Artist and Track Views


Quickly search your collection


Manage your list of upcoming tracks

iTunes import

Import your iTunes Library

Offline Mode

Hide anything that isn't downloaded

Dark Mode

Choose light or dark theme

Now Playing

View your currently playing track and control the queue

Up Next

Manage upcoming tracks with reorder or remove


View your most recently played tracks


View all the albums in your collection

Play Options

Play an album immediately, next or add to queue

Context Menu

Long press any item to open the context menu for it

Sync Offline

Sync offline to download a track, album or artist


View all albums and tracks by an artist

Play All by Artist

Play all or download all tracks by an artist in the Context Menu


View all your tracks in an alphabetical list


Search for a term to pull up albums and tracks


Manage your account and player settings

Dark Mode

Set your player color theme to dark

Offline Mode

Show only downloaded items (hide anything online-only)