Voltra for Artists

When you sell your music on Voltra, you earn 100% of whatever your price.

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What makes Voltra different?

We offer traditional one-click-buy, but with our stream-to-own model, fans can pay a small portion per listen until the full cost of the track is paid. Then they can download it. This helps fans discover your music. Get paid over 100x more per listen than streaming-only services.

How does it work?

1. Create an Account

Create a Voltra Stockroom account and fill out your profile to create your artist page.

2.Upload your music

Use our simple upload and metadata tools to add your music to the Voltra Shop.

3.Get paid

When people buy your music on Voltra, we transfer the full amount directly to your bank account!

Asset Management

Easily upload your assets, edit and manage album and track information, and optionally specify sales regions.

Set Payouts

We send out payments daily — set your desired payout level, and we’ll transfer money to your account as soon as reach it.


Show off your music on the web and on social media with our sleek, customizable embeddable web players.


for Artists

Join Voltra and set up your own artist profile, get tools for sharing your music on the web, and in our store. Easily manage your music and monitor your sales.

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